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  Citizens of United States, Canada, Great Britain and most European nations my visit Costa Rica for a maximum of 90 days. No visa is necessary, but you must have a valid passport(U.S citizens can enter with just a valid photo ID and copy of their birth certificate, but we still recommend bringing a passport). Citizens of Australia and New Zeland can enter the contry without a visa and stay for 30 days. Citizens of Republic of Ireland need a visa, a valid passport and a round-trip ticket in order to enter.

  If you overstay your visa or entry stamp, you will have to pay around $45 for an exit visa and a nominal fee for each extra month you've stayed. If you need to get an exit visa, a travel agent in San José can usually get one for you for a small fee and save you the hassle of dealing with Immigration. If you want to stay longer than the validity of your entry stamp or visa, the easiest thing to do is cross the border into Panamá or Nicaragua for 72 hours and then re-enter Costa Rica on a new entry stamp or visa. However, be careful. Periodically, the Costa Rican gouvernment has cracked down on "perpetual tourists", and if it notice a continued pattern of exits and entries designed simply to support an extended stay, it may deny you re-entry.



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