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  Though most of Costa Rica is safe, crime has become much more common in recent years. San José is known for its pickpockets, so never carry a wallet in your back pocket. A woman should keep a tight grip on her purse(keep it tucked under your arm). Thieves also target gold chains, cameras and video cameras, prominent jewlery and nice sunglasses. Be sure not to leave valuables in your hotel room. Don't park a car on the street in Costa Rica, especially in San José; there are plenty of public parking lots around the city.

  Rental cars generally stick out and they are easily spotted by thieves, who know that such cars are likely full of expensive camera equipment, money and other valuables. Don't ever leave anything of value in a car parked on the street, not ever for a moment.

  Public intercity buses are also frequented targets of stealthy thieves. Never check your bags into the hold of a bus if you can avoid it. If this can't be avoided, keep your eye on what leaves the hold. If you put your bags in an overhead rack, be sure you can see the bags at all times, Try not to fall sleep.



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