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  All hotels charge 16.3% tax. Restaurants charge 13% tax and also add on a 10% service charge, for a total of 23% more on your bill. There in an airpot departure tax of 17 dollars.

  The departure tax is actually a separate little piece of paper that you must fill out(name, passport number, etc) and that has a few official governmental stamps on the back. The tax/piece of paper is turned into immigration after check in, as you enter the gate area. You must pay this tax prior to departure. You can by the stamps at most travel agencies in San José. We no longer recommend purchasing them from the independent agents roaming around passanger drop-off points at the airport. Although it's generally safe, there have been instances where they have sold already-canceled stamps, which were then not accepted inside the airport and the unwitting traveler has had to pay the tax twice.



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