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Fast Facts

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Vertical Challenge

If you want to know a new way to enjoy nature.... Try Climbing!!!

If you like the highest, the force and the limits imposted, you are probably a good candidated to enjoy climbing.

In Costa Rica there are persons that brings basic courses of Climbing with ropes, vertical rescue and rapell down hill. They also teach the Tiroles Technic, when you join two points with a rope by passing from one side to another.

The most important issue is security that's why the equipment used has a very high reistence. The first steps you got to do it is to climbing vertical wall of aproximatly 9 meters.

The course has a teorical part that teach you about history, clasification and way to enjoy the sport without risking your life. It last 5 hours if you really like it; you can go on with the next step; the middle course that combine rock climbing and hiking, where you can go to Santa Ana, Cerro de la Muerte, Cerro del Dragón(Laguna de Aserrí), Piedra Aserrí, Río Grande y Bajo Canet(San Pablo de León Cortés).

Imporant Words

Climb: is when you go up, down and when you move in horizontal and obliquely in the walls. The Climber used the borders, holds, cracks or protuberances to put their hands and feet.

Rappel: word that belongs to french, which means to join, to take. It was used at the begining for the jumping tecnic or to capture the injuries in the rocky walls. The rapell is a slow down in a rope, and you can control the speed while you are going down.

To Secure: its the way the climbers avoid to get damage when they stop after a falling without getting all the way down to the floor.

  1. Learn from the experts.
  2. Never climb alone.
  3. Use your skills, don't improve, don't invent.
  4. Don't be in a hurry, be calm.
  5. Put attencion on what you are doing, dont'n distract.
  6. Don't climb upper that your shoulders without been secure.


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