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Heartstopping plunges down world-class white water chutes, head-first dives towards lush tropical forests, gliding along cables in the tropical forest upper story that only one in a million persons has seen; this is Costa Rica for extreme athletes. Interested? Read on ...

There are many great waves in Costa Rica that can't be reached by car. We can take you to any of these uncrowded spots by boat and maybe drop a line and catch some dinner on the way home.

Charge any of Costa Rica's wild and scenic rivers with expert outfitters and river guides. Costa Rica's warm rivers offer all levels of rafting year round. Class three, for scenic somewhat gentle rides, class four, more challenging, and class five for the hard core adrenaline junkies.

Lake Arenal (with an erupting volcano as a backdrop) is internationally known as one of the globes top five wind surfing spots. With steady winds blowing across its twenty-nine mile surface. There's also many great spots a couple hours away on the pacific coast for ocean wind surfing.

Both coasts offer many reefs and rock formations to attract your attention, along with jacks, moray eels, sharks, eagle rays, and puffer fish. Visibility ranges from twenty to eighty feet. Caño Negro Island off the southwest coast is known for huge schools of fish, rocky corals and undersea canyons. Experts will also want to make the long ocean trip to Cocos Island, touted by Jacques Cousteau as one of the finest deep-water dive sites in the world.

Costa Rica's mountain streams are stocked with trout. Lake Arenal has rainbow bass. Along the Pacific coast anglers find some of the best deep-sea and in-shore fishing in the world, with record numbers of sailfish and marlin. Roosterfish, mahi-mahi, yellow-fin tuna, grouper and wahoo are also abundant. Along the northern Caribbean coast, there is great snook and tarpon fishing to be found in the Tortugero Canals and the area around Barra del Colorado.

Jump from a bridge suspended 270ft. in the air and plummet momentarily through a canyon towards a tropical river below.

With its mountainous terrain and thousands of miles of coastal roads, and forest trails, Costa Rica is the ideal spot for mountain biking. Bring your own bike or rent one here and we will go exploring.

No better vehicle for charging the jungle roads or cruising up the coast (especially during the rainy season). Rent one and take off, a rush surrounded in serenity.

Horse lovers will have ample opportunity to gallop down the coast, or trek to a rainforest waterfall.

For the ultimate rush, you can try jumping out of a perfectly good plane and plummet into paradise.

From an indoor climbing gym, to multi-pitched peaks, there's plenty to climb in Costa Rica.

Spend your whole vacation under the stars, with beach-fire, coconuts, or just one night or two next to a remote surf break.

  • Costa Rica has nine active volcanoes. Visiting each is a uniquely different experience. In the crater of Poás visitors can see a boiling sulfurous lime green lake. Arenal is Costa Rica's most active volcano. Here, you can relax in hotsprings, surrounded by tropical flowers and watch the nightly eruptions sending rivers of red molten lava down the mountain as the earth around you rumbles and shakes.
  • Every where you go in Costa Rica you will find waterfalls. Some come crashing down onto the beach. Others are full day treks into the jungle. All are breathtaking.
  • Step into any of Costa Rica's rainforests and you will feel like you are stepping back a millenium in time. Let the songs of birds, poison dart frogs, and millions of jungle creatures pull you in, and your humanly burdens will slip away. Whether you go for an hour walk, or a three-day backpacking trek, you will see wildlife that you may not have known exists.


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