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Fast Facts

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Best surfing conditions:
November through March

Getting there by bus:
Limón, Cahuita, Puerto Viejo, and Manzanillo: Terminal del Caribe, ph: 257-8129 - 1 km North of the Cathedral (Central Park) in San José.

Coopelimón, ph: 223-7811 - Stops in front of the Train Station to the Atlantic.

This is a place you musn't skip while touring around Costa Rica. It is quite different from the Pacific, more exotic and closer to the tropics.

Nearby storms and coral reefs produce strong perfect waves. It is always best to surf along with people that know the area.

Besides amazing waves, the Caribbean offers great food, best music for your soul, and happy people ready to enjoy the party.

Playa Bonita -
strong waves and a left breaking wave. Waves break over a coral reef and they always have a challenging drop. Good luck!
Portete -
mostly right breaking waves; there is a fast wave that breaks over a coral reef on shallow waters. It is close to Playa Bonita (to the north).
Isla Uvita -
the most powerful left breaking wave of Costa Rica. You can get a boat ride from Limón, but only at dawn because of wind conditions. This spot has three sections and it faces a coral reef, one meter over sea level. Good days will offer you strong and perfect waves that range between 8 and 10 feet high. Watch out! You will need a good board and a great health condition if you want to succeed these sets. Don't go alone, find people that knows the waves and the coral reef!
Cahuita -
This is a beautiful place south of Limón. It is well known as a national park, and for its parties, great waves, exotic beaches, and excellent diving.
Puerto Vargas -
The beach of this national park offers regular sized beach breaks.
Puerto Viejo -
We strongly recommend extreme caution at this beach! There is a strong and dangerous wave that breaks over a coral reef with an amazing drop. This is the most powerful wave of all Costa Rica. This wave has earned itself the name of "Salsa brava"; it's broken many boards, which is the reason why we recommend to bring more than one, so you can enjoy the truly large waves. In case you don't get lucky, local people will proudly show you pictures of precious waves. Besides challenging waves, Puerto Viejo is a very nice town; it offers a great variety of options for food and lodging, as well as other entertaining activities, and beautiful warm people.
Playa Cocles -
This place is a 10 minutes drive away from Puerto Viejo, and offers beach breaks. Cocles has fun waves, but don't forget sea currents!
Manzanillo -
Manzanillo is only twenty minutes away from Puerto Viejo. It is an exotic and lonely place. Great waves await for you.


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