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Fast Facts

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Best surfing conditions:
December through June

Getting there by bus:
Tamarindo and Santa Cruz: Alfaro, ph: 222-2750 - 200 meters north of San Juan de Dios Hospital. Liberia: Pulmitan, ph: 222-1650 - Street 14, Avenue 1-3
Potrero Grande
At this beach you will ride a wave known as Oli's Point: it is a fast and perfect wave that breaks to the right over a rocky sea bottom. When waves are coming in from the south, this wave ranges from 2 to 7 feet high. Access to the beach is only possible by boat from Playa del Coco or Guajiniquil. If you wish to camp on the beach, you must bring a complete camping set, including food and water. There are few surfers on this beach.
Roca Bruja(Playa Naranjo) This beach is part of Santa Rosa National Park. There are many perfect beach breaks coming in from all directions. You can camp at the park ranger's station, or near the swamp.
During the rainy season, (July through November) access to the beaches is closed down and you can only go there by boat from Playa del Coco. We recommend you bring a 4 wheel drive, since roads are bad all year round, and lots of mosquito repellent.
Playa Grande
There are many beach breaks at this spot. The area protects thousands of sea turtles that come to the beach to lay their eggs. When good winds are in waves break at 2 to 7 feet. You will find good hotels and restaurants.
This is a cheerful place with an excellent location. There are good hotels and a lot of party going on. There are three good waves in Tamarindo:
  1. El Estero: right-breaking, long and fun.
  2. Pico Pequeño: a sometimes perfect wave.
  3. Langosta: this is the largest and strongest wave point, but not that perfect.
This is a great place for surfing. There is a large beach and many best quality beach breaks. There are two wave points: a point with left-breaking waves, closer to the shore; and a right-breaking wave spot (Little Hawaii) where you can enjoy a large and big solid, but not perfect wave. Las Olas Hotel offers good food, beautiful bungalows, kayaks and bike rentals.

Playa Negra
This beach lies 10 minutes away from Avellanas, and is one of the most popular spots among surfers. There is a right-breaking point, with solid and perfect waves. Low tides can get dangerous. Avoid interfering with locals. Waves range from 2 to 10 feet, with a great swell coming from the west. The beach also offers lodging facilities and restaurants. If your board needs repair, ask for Martin Almenara or Mono Congo.
Walk 600 meters from Playa Negra and you will find an option to avoid crowds.
It lies 10 minutes away from Playa Negra. This beach has a great beach break during low tides. Great surfing during high tides.
This beach could be your first stop before travelling to other beaches. Sámara is a fun place to be at, with many good restaurants and hotels everywhere
Nosara is twenty-minutes north from Sámara. This is a beach with some good breaks. There are few surfers, and the view is beautiful. You will need a 4WD during the rainy season (July through November).
Punta Guiones
Punta Guiones is a one hour ride from Sámara. There are perfect beach breaks fun to ride, but not as solid as they could be. There are left and right breaking waves, and the beach is beautiful. The best time for surfing is early in the morning.
This white sand beach is only 10 minutes south of Sámara; it has small waves only.
Located 20 minutes south of Carrillo, Camaronal is hard to reach (you will definitely need a 4WD). It has a strong wave, and left and right beach breaks. When winds are nice, surfing can be quite challenging. Watch out for sea currents!
Mal País
This lost paradise has lonely beaches and good waves. You will need a 4WD.
Cabo Blanco Biological Reserve
You must leave your car at the reserve's entrance. There are not many waves but the beach is beautiful.


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