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Fast Facts

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Best surfing conditions:
From April through November.
Getting there by bus:
  • Quepos: Transporte Morales, ph:223-5587 - Central Avenue, Streets 16 and 18
  • Golfito:Tracopa, ph: 223-7685 - Avenue 18, Street 1 San Isidro del General, ph.: 223-3577 - Avenues 1 and 3, Street16

  • Bahia Drakes
    There are no roads to this beach; access is only possible by boat. Drakes is a non-polluted beautiful realm, and its beach has white sand. The place and its beauty will be unforgettable. Fishing, kayaking and horseback riding are available, as well as surfing.
    This is a unique, wild and special place. There are not much options for lodging. It can be reached by car from Puerto Jiménez, or by boat from Pavones. Best waves are a 15 to 25 minute walk through the forest trails, where monkeys, toucans, macaws, and other tropical wonders can be spotted. Once on the beach you can find three surfing spots:
    1. Back Wash - this is the first beach you come up with. You will need strong waves for surfing. There is a large right breaking wave, a bit slow, but still fun to ride.
    2. Pan Dulce - this is the most beautiful spot along the beach. It is a small white sand bay with lots of vegetation. Good surfing is possible even when waves are middle sized, but action gets better as waves increase. There is a right breaking tubular wave fun to ride.
    3. Matapalo - this beach is at the end of the long trail. It has some of the most powerful waves breaking over the right. Be careful, since this is a dangerous beach when waves are big.
    Pavones has the largest wave in Costa Rica. When the swell goes in the right direction, you can connect to different sections, for an 800 meters long ride. There are some fast and solid left breaking waves. When waves reach 4 feet high it becomes fun to ride, but by 10 feet you will have to be very careful. Make sure you are in good health condition, and that you have the right board for big waves. There are good restaurants and lodging spots at Pavones.
    Punta Banco
    This surfing spot has beach breaks over coral reef, with waves both left and right. Punta Banco sits 3 km south of Pavones. It turns into a good option when waves at Pavones are too small, or the sea is too crowded. Lodging and places to eat are available.
    Punta Burica
    This is the last beach to the south on the Pacific coast. No road leads to this place, so you will have to take a boat. We strongly recommend to go with friends to best enjoy surfing at this spot.


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